Ashill VC Primary School


Sports Premium

This year (2018/19), as part of a government initiative, the school has recieved an additional £16,918 in the school budget, to support and promote PE and Sports within our school and to help create a legacy for the future.


We continue to work with our Cluster in the 'Wayland Cup', which will consist of regular sporting activities for all ages, offering pupils opportunities to compete against pupils from other schools as well as being able to enter higher stages of competition linked in with the Sports Partnership in our area.


The sports premium funding received for the last three years has been:


2015/16      £7, 293

2016/17      £8, 459

2017/18      £13, 399


This total amount has been reserved and will be put towards an exciting new, long term project, as we aim to extend our school sports hall.  


Our current school hall is too small to provide the quality of indoor P.E. that we would like to provide, particularly for out older pupils and the larger classes.


This money will provide us with a sports hall that is 50% bigger and able to be used for a variety of indoor sports, games, gymnastics and dance.


To see our current spending intentions for the year ahead (2018/19), please click on the link below:

Sports Premium Plan (2018/19)