Ashill VC Primary School


Sports Funding

This year (2016/17), as part of a government initiative, the school has recieved an additional £8448 in the school budget, to support and promote PE and Sports within our school and to help create a legacy for the future.


We continue to work with our Cluster in the 'Wayland Ten', which will consist of 10 sporting activities over the first year (possibly more the year after) offering pupils opportunities to compete against pupils from other schools as well as being able to enter higher stages of competition linked in with the Sports Partnership in our area.


To date we have used our funding to:

* Purchase new netball posts to replace ours (one of which was broken)

* Purchase new football posts to replace the old ones we were using

* Enable staff to attend the Norfolk PE conference to gain new ideas and information and disceminate this back to staff

* Enable 2 members of staff to attend the Safe Supervision of Swimming Course

* Train play leaders to better promote sport and play during break and lunch times

* Train Mid-day supervisors to support play and sport during lunch times

* Buy in to the 'Wayland Ten' sporting competitions  


The impact of this funding so far has been:

* Staff have up to date training and information

* Pupils have opportunities to develop leadership and team skills

* Netball and Football posts that can be used by pupils during and outside of lessons

* Opportunities for pupils of all ages across the school to compete against other pupils of their age and access competitions at a higher level


Our plans for this coming year include:


*We intend to put the £8448 Sports Premium grant towards an exciting project which will enable us to extend our sports provision.  The money will go towards an extension of our school hall.  Our school hall is small and as a result, providing high quality P.E. for 30 children can be challenging.  We hope the hall will be extended in Summer 2017, where we will see a significant improvement of our sporting facilities.