Ashill VC Primary School


School Development


School Development and Improvement Areas - September 2016


Building and Premises

- New School hall extention proposed for Summer 2017

- Refresh of Computing equipment



- To raise the standard of attainment at the end of Key Stage 2

- To raise the standard of pupils attaining 'Greater Depth' at Key Stage 1



- To continue to raise the attainment of pupils in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

- To improve writing outcomes by investing in 'Pobble'

- To continue to improve reading attainment and progress by encouraging greater reading at home


Early Years

- Provide greater support for children in speech and language by investing in Talk Boost

- Improve writing by raising children's physical development and motor skills


Priority 1

To develop a culture of Behaviours for Learning


Priority 2

To develop a good understanding of the diversity of cultures that make up modern Britain


Priority 3

To improve staff understanding of the Computing curriculum


Priority 4

To develop practice in teaching and learning from 'good' to 'outstanding'


Attendance Target - 97%