Ashill VC Primary School


Parent Survey

Throughout the year we will often ask parents for their opinions on how well we are doing as a school.  In the Autumn term we have a general survey that is completed at our Parent Consultation Evening.  A summary of the results of the Autumn 2016 survey can be found below:


Overall, we were incredibly pleased by this years survey, highlighting that across all areas, parents continue to be overwhelmingly satisfied with the school and how it meets the needs of the pupils and the whole school community.  Remember, we welcome feedback at any time of the year, so please feel free to speak to us.


What we are doing well:


All parents surveyed believe we keep their child safe, that they are well informed of their childs progress and that teachers take an interest in their child(ren).


The overwhelming majority of our parents believe that their children enjoy school, they feel part of the school community and their children are respected for their efforts not just for scores in a test.


100% of parents agree that the school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour, with the overwhelming majoirty in agreement that they would be informed if their child was being bullied.  


Most parents agree, with 80% strongly agreeing, that the school is effectively led and managed by the headteacher, Senior Teacher and Governors.


A considerable strength of the school, with 83% of parents strongly agreeing, is that the environment and atmosphere of the school is welcoming.


You feel we offer a variety of clubs and activities


The overwhelming majority strongly agree that we manage the transition well from one class to another.


And finally, 100% of parents surveyed agreed that they were happy with their child's experience at school.

Areas we are looking to address, following your feedback:


Improving the range and variety of clubs, particularly for younger children in the school.


Greater opportunities for the arts, creativity and cultural events.