Ashill VC Primary School


Parent Survey

Throughout the year we will often ask parents for their opinions on how well we are doing as a school.  In the Spring term we had an Ofsted Parent View survey that was completed at our Parent Consultation Evening. A summary of the results of the March 2019 survey can be found below:


Overall, we were incredibly pleased by this survey, highlighting that across all areas, parents continue to be overwhelmingly satisfied with the school and how it meets the needs of the pupils and the whole school community.  Remember, we welcome feedback at any time of the year, so please feel free to speak to us.


1. "My child is happy at this school"                                            98% agreed/strongly agreed


2. "My child feels safe at this school"                                         100% agreed/strongly agreed


3. "My child makes good progress at this school"                   94% agreed/strongly agreed (3% chose "don't know")


4. "My child is well looked after at this school"                        100% agreed/strongly agreed


5. "My child is taught well at this school"                                  98% agreed/strongly agreed (2% chose "don't know")


6. "My child is receives appropriate homework                       92% agreed/strongly agreed (7% chose "don't know")

for their age"


7. "This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved"        98% agreed/strongly agreed (1% chose "don't know")


8. "This school deals effectively with bullying"                       73% agreed/strongly agreed (*26% chose "don't know")


9. "This school is well led and managed"                                  100% agreed/strongly agreed


10. "This school responds well to any concerns I raise"         96% agreed/strongly agreed (4% chose "don't know")


11. "I receive valuable information from the school                99% agreed/strongly agreed

about my child's progress"


12. "Would you recommend this school to                               100% said 'YES'

another parent?"


*many commented that they hadn't experienced bullying in the school and therefore didn't know

Parent Survey Results - Autumn 2018 OfSTED Parent View results Parent Survey Results - Spring 2019