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Hedgehog Class



Sitting in the Sensory Garden, Class 3 enjoyed listening to the class book, The Gorilla who wanted to Grow up by Jill Tomlinson.  It was lovely to hear the windchimes, watch the wildlife and listen to the waterfall.

Class 3 Noticeboard

Don't forget...

•PE; sessions will be twice a week, on Thursdays and Fridays. Children must ensure their full PE kit is in school throughout the week in order to be prepared for our sessions, or indeed any extra sports events and changes.







Stone Age to Iron Age


We will research the changes throughout history from the Stone Age to Iron age, researching who were the first people to live in Britain. We will compare materials such as stone, bronze and iron and investigate rocks and soils finding out where they come from. We will also think about fossils and how they are formed. We will become inventors and think about how the wheel was made.


Going back in time at Gressenhall

We had an amazing day at Gressenhall farm and workhouse, we went back in time to the Stone Age and created houses in the woods with sticks and animal skin! We got to pracise using Stone Age tools and found out what they were used for, we even had a go at grinding some wheat to make bread. It would've taken someone 3 hours!

During our story cafe we thought back to our school trip to Gressenhall and recreated houses like they would be made in the Stone Age. We gathered sticks, stones and created houses, some of us even made camp fires! We tried cave painting using only sticks and brown coloured paint, we imagined it was dirt. The houses turned out brilliantly, I think we would have definitely survived in the Stone Age.




























Online activites to try

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To help at home ...

Spellings and homework; spelling lessons will be twice weekly, one session in school focusing on spelling techniques and rules and the second applying these rules through a spelling test on Friday. 


Homework; Will be distributed on a Friday, and will be expected back in school on a Wednesday. If children do not complete their homework they will have to do so during a lunch time period on Fridays.


Reading; We expect children to read three times per week, each time a child reads at home they have an opportunity to move along our ‘reading race track’ to win a prize. If your child is not reading often enough they will remain in during a break time to read.


Times tables/Mental maths; children will be tested weekly on a Wednesday morning through a times table/mental maths test according to their ability. These will also be sent home but are not expected to be returned to be marked.

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