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Sitting in the Sensory Garden, Class 3 enjoyed listening to the class book, The Gorilla who wanted to Grow up by Jill Tomlinson.  It was lovely to hear the windchimes, watch the wildlife and listen to the waterfall.

Our Class Noticeboard


Homework books


Spellings will be added to these books on a Friday each week and the children will bring the book home that night.


Books should stay at home during the week, so the spellings can be revised with support at home, (see the creative spelling ideas inside the front cover to try.)  


A spelling test is held each Friday morning, which is recorded in your child's spelling exercise book at school.


The children will also receive a current topic themed 'Takeaway Homework Menu', from which to pick tasks that will give them a maximum of three house points if completed by the deadline.



Every Tuesday afternoon. Kit should always be in school.

Websites to view with your child...

Times tables


Your child will be tested twice a week on a Tuesday and a Thursday morning via a written test. The testing has been designed to build confidence gradually over several weeks.


If support and intervention is needed, this will be provided instead of the test.  


Our aim is to support your child to achieve the National Currciulum requirment of all Year 4 children being able to recall instantly their times tables up to x12 by the end of that year.

Hit the Button Scratch Programming Yearly Maths Overview

Reading Stars!


This is now launched - please see the letter you received and help encourage / make time for reading at home.


Please remember to record when your child reads in their record book.  They are awarded a green token each time they read at home, this is worth two of the usual house points.


Reading is a life skill and hugely rewarding for your child as it helps to boost their overall attainment in school.

Our Half Term Topic is:

James and the

Giant Peach






Topic Plan - Autumn 2 Encourage Reading Inspire Writing


If you need to speak to us, someone from Hedgehog Class is always available before and after school.  

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Class Teacher - Mrs Filby


Teaching support this year:

Mrs Grigg, Mrs Marsham, Mrs Broadbear, Mrs Bell, Mrs O'Sullivan, Mrs Fox-Boudewijn and Mrs Baker.

Hedgehog Class

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