Ashill VC Primary School


Health, Safety & Premises

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Terms of Reference

Membership: 5 (minimum)

Quorum: 3

The committee will meet at least once each half term



  •             To assist the headteacher and governing body to discharge their responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 as set out in “The Responsibilities of School Governors for Health and Safety” (HSC) and “The Governors Guide to the Law” (DfE).

  •            To consider Children’s Services policies on Health and Safety and recommend a policy for the Governors to adopt for the school.

  •          To ensure that the necessary school management organisation is in place to implement the policy.

  •           To complete the annual fire risk assessment and ensure any action points are completed within agreed timescales.

  •            To follow procedures and protocols relating to Health and Safety as specified on the Norfolk Schools Peoplesnet site.

  •            To monitor the effectiveness of the school’s Health and Safety arrangements and carry out an annual workplace inspection.

  •           To monitor the state of repair of the school buildings and make any necessary recommendations for repairs required to the management and finance committee.

  •        To take a key role in prioritising items relating to Health and Safety and Premises matters on the 3 year capital plan.