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Fill in this form to enable medicines, both prescribed and over the counter, to be given at school.  As we need a signature, please print it off and hand in to the school office with the medication.

Letters & Forms

Need to fill in a form and have forgotten to ask for a copy?  Click on the links below to download copies of forms.

Holiday Form

School Dinner Menu

Uniform Order Form


Due to changes in Government guidance holidays in term time will no longer be authorised regardless of current attendance levels.  However, please do complete a holiday form so we know why your child is absent from school as there are some exceptional circumstances where we may be able to authorise this.  


Please complete your order and send it, together with payment, into the school office or hand to Mrs Michelle Blackmore. Payment must be received before items are ordered, unless you are eligible for Pupil Premium where exemptions may apply.

Dinners can be ordered daily, with payment in a clearly labelled envelope, sent in with a child. However, packed lunches and vegetarian alternatives need to be ordered at least a week in advance and any special meals by the deadline stated in the letter. If you think you may be entitled to Free School Meals please speak to the office.

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