Ashill VC Primary School


Curriculum Committee










Terms Of Reference


Curriculum Committee


Membership:-  5 minimum


Quorum:- 50% of committee membership (rounded up)






  • To advise the Governing Body on their statutory obligations regarding the National Curriculum and ensure this is being carried out/covered in school.

  • To monitor the impact of Subject Leadership, looking at Subject Leaders’ Health plans. (completed annually)

  • To monitor and evaluate the impact of progress in the key issues for the school around the Curriculum (based on the School Development Plan/Ofsted Action Plan).

  • To adopt Curriculum and Pastoral Policies, and Statutory Policies where appropriate.

  • To review the policy and provision of Collective Worship and Religious Education and make recommendations.

  • To ensure that the requirements for children with Special Educational Needs are met.

  • To ensure that the general duty and specific duties of the Equalities Act 2010 are met.

  • To monitor the impact of Professional Development on Attainment.

  • To review RAISE online and the Pupil Asset Tracking Procedure and in - school assessments.

  • In line with current key issues and ensure that recommendations are implemented.

  • To report to the meetings of the Full Governing Body.