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Complaints Procedure

We at Ashill V.C. Primary School want our pupils to be healthy, happy and safe, and to achieve.   We recognise that parents, guardians or carers play an important part in making this happen.  Cooperation between parents, staff and governors leads to a shared sense of purpose and a good atmosphere in the school.  


Each level of the procedure set out below offers the opportunity for concerns and complaints to be resolved as quickly as possible.

Level 1 (Informal) - Speak to your child's teacher

Parents are advised to speak to your child's class teacher.  An appointment can be made via the school office or by speaking to the class teacher at the beginning or end of the day.


If your complaint is unresolved:


Level 2 (Informal) - Speak to the headteacher

An appointment can be made to speak to Mr Creasey (headteacher) or, in his absence, Mrs Robertson (senior teacher).  

If the compliant is proving difficult to resolve, the headteacher can invite a member of the Governing Body to attend a further meeting.

Thereafter, support and information can be requested from Children's Services.


If your complaint is unresolved:


Level 3 (Formal) - A letter to the headteacher

A formal letter detailing your complaint can be sent to Mr Creasey (headteacher).  This can be hand delivered via the school office or sent in the post.  Please mark the envelope as 'Confidential' to ensure your complaint is handled appropriately.


If your complaint is unresolved:


Level 4 (Formal) - A letter to the governors

A letter can be sent to Mrs Robbie Fulcher (Chair of Governors) via the school office or post and, where appropriate, a Governor Complaints Panel can be established and a meeting will be arranged.


Full details can be found within our Complaints Policy by clicking the link below



Complaints Policy 2018-21