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Useful Information


P.E is on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. Please make sure that your kit is suitable for outdoors weather.


Homework is usually set on Friday and will be expected in by the following Wednesday in order for it to be marked.


Reading Records are checked every Friday.  We aim for children to read at least twice  each week to an adult. Please sign reading records to indicate this.


Samba will take place every Wednesday afternoon.


Maths:  If you would like to practice your maths skills at home try "Countdown" - click this button:




We will be carrying out an indepth study of 'Kensukes Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo. Please feel free to bring in your own copy of the book if you wish.



Class 4, we will become experts on the Earth, Sun and Moon, finding out facts like how big each one is, how far away from each other they are, how their relationship to each other creates night, day and different time zones, and so much more.

We will also look at the wilder side of the world with a creative approach to the 'Extreme Earth'. We will find out all about the Earth's extremes, from raging tropical storms to violent erupting volcanoes to terrifying towering tsunamis. We will be exploring how these extremes affect people, communities and landscapes through a series of informative and thought-provoking lessons.


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Welcome Back!


We hope all you Badgers had a relaxing and peaceful holiday, and got lots of yummy Easter eggs!

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